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High Mindtropian is the Society Leader

Administrating the Directive to hold the Societies Security while opening Idealism to perspective by course of Cinematography for everyone to understand the presented Geography in by the means of Naturalism.

Social UI








Space Fleet Captain

Combat General

Trading Advisor

Crafting Administrator

Mining Purveyor


Essence Channeler

Front Line Pilot

Combat Captain


Crafting Foreman

Mining Director


Essence Follower

Space Fleet Associate

Combat Sergeant


Senior Crafter

Mining Foreman


SPED Society Association Titles

Mind Neophyte

Pilot Scout

Combat Private


Junior Crafter



Once you have achieved a rank within the Social UI Career Placement system then you have achieved the Rank of Employee within the SPED Society Association Titles.

These are ranks given to individuals who have shown a good standard to follow through with the SPED Society standards and have been given the opportunity to be considered associated with the SPED quota whether a society member or not.

Science Professor




S.P.E.D. Space Fleet

-Emergency Combat Services

-Gunners Seat

-Quad & Sleipnir Response team

-Rescue and Security Missions

-Convoy Taxi

-Warp Ship Repairs

S.P.E.D. Coordination Team
Job Description:

Planet Mission Guide of whom provides mentoring services to all individuals during a mission and plays the role of a Planet Expedition Coordinator assisting individuals with hunting, mining, and sales knowledge.

S.P.E.D. Festival

-Fireworks Coordinator

-Hair Dresser/ Body Sculptor

-Vehicle Design Contest

-Themed Fashion Contest

- Theme Acting Contest

-Physical & Vehicle Race

-Home Decoration Contest

-Dancing Contest

The game isn't about making money, it is about having fun and this is a Career with the SPED society itself as well. But it can be.

Manufacturing, building platforms, items listing director, separates aspects of depicted individual roles such as Miner, Hunter, Manufacturer and their divisions such as Regions, Mobs, and behavior.

Promotions Task Manager:

-Sources Shop/ Booth/ Shop Keeper Owners as well as General Club Suggestions from Estates and offers Opportunity to contribute to their image being Advertised through the SPED Society Marketing Program.Races, Design Shows events, and gatherings advertised as well.

Merchant Records Division:

-A set of individuals tasked with surveys a coordinated region and previewing Shows, booths, and shopkeepers to determine if items have been removed or added to their stock.-Society Leader will take these records and keep track of stock in regions, traffic of movement of materials in specific regions, and general sales knowledge as well as providing information to a curious audience.

Guide Coordinators:
-Planet Calypso, Camp Icarus

Tripudion, Robot incursion mission, bercycled and caud, Dakiba, Starving Atrox, Outpost Nus Null, Missing Boat, Crashed Research Team, Swamp fruit and cameras and Port Atlantis. Narrow to 1 Hour
-Planet Calypso, Half Moon Bay

SPED Space Fleet:

-Individuals tasked with managing safe Space outside of planet and space station spheres.
-Space Station Security responds to notification of Pirate Activity at specified space stations or areas and assure safe passage for individuals to leave the space station.
-Tasked with providing security in the circumstance of a attack on a Security Mothership Vessel and either manning a Sleipnir/Quad in Response or running repairs.

-In the circumstance of managing Convoy Taxi services, the movement of numerous Sleipnirs or Quads, providing security detail in the movement of the Convoy assuring safe travel for all individuals. *Minimum of 2 security personnel for a authorized convoy.*

-Determining the movement of materials and commonality of the Materials in Quantity to make a assessment of the Quality based on the marketed Value and the amount based on how easily obtainable it is.

-Determining the location of Ore Deposits  and average quantity outputs in specific regions as well as patterns of locations of ores along with radius and depth.


-A Pre-designed Excel Spreadsheet will be provided for Tracking the number and type of resources that drop on mobs and the quantity of each mob including frequency of drops.

-Hired gun providing online times on specific days that people can hire then to assist or join on hunting provided that the terms are reasonable on both parties. (you won't be paid by means of being a hired gun, it is just a time that people who enjoy hunting can be available to join someone with a specific hunt. Thus Far)

-Hired Healer, same as Hired Gun. Task is to provide healing during a hunt.


-Have record of Blueprints and number of resources that are needed to complete specific blueprints crafts. (will be provided)
-Make record of what blueprints come from which blueprints on what specified planets and how often those blueprints are easily obtainable at specified skill levels from the blueprint being used to craft when obtaining the other blueprints.



Hunt the Thing &
Noobs Noobs Noobs

-Sweat Haters

-Daily AI Hunt
-Team Bonzo Slim Jim


Ranger Team

-Secret  Cavern with colored Leprechaun and Yog Horror Spawn.

-Clear the Yog Cave



Camp Icarus &

Half Moon Bay

-Gauntlet/ Beacons


S.P.E.D. OPs

Rookie Training Grounds

-Major Battle Focus



-Secure Mining

Next Island


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