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Business Ruleset

1.Be respectful to all players.
2.V.E.W.P. Vigilant, Eager, Willing, Prepared.
3., We do not accept PVP Looters within our ranking. SPED deals with Space Security and Safety. Pirates will be held accountable for their actions by a denotation ranking. (Three Penalties is a Society Ban.) Everyone gets a hearing.

4.Use #Interplanetary to discuss freely about anything among one another. No hate speech, singling out, or encouraging debate of interpretation of the ToU. (Read the ToU & ask EU Support) No SPAM

5.Use #Intersocietal to notify the public about pirate attacks or to ask questions and discuss information about planets. It will be used between Society officials and leaders to discuss society affairs and space security.

Central Unified Panacea (C.U.P.) Project

the film
The facts

Interactive Planet Maps

Unbound territories of exploration ceasing from inevitable consequences untamed by proclamation.

Central Unified Panacea is a project organization focused on bringing the community together to strengthen within the Entropia Universe and develop from the individual differences. C.U.P. wants to make every aspect of the Entropia Universe environment as easily understandable and comfortably approachable as one might perceive possible.
To the right of this text there is a Planet listing that when you Select one of the boxes you will see a map of the selected planet as well as indicators marking the location of Shops/booths and the owners of them on those planets as well as Daily missions.





Next Island



The First Take Off

The approach is more than what is to take in spite as to heed. The grasp covers an inevitable opportunistic too.

Publication Date Expected to be Spring 2022

The mission
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